How it works?

Step 1 Register

Please register for a membership. Pay refundable security deposit. Member / buyer credentials will be sent to your email address. Now you are ready to login and place a bid on vehicle of your choice.

Step 2 Search and Bid

Login and start search automobile inventory using member / buyer logins and passwords. Select your vehicle and start bidding. You can choose to bid during the preliminary bidding time, the virtual live bidding auction, or both. The highest bid wins.

Step 3 Pay for it

Payments for purchased (won at auction) vehicles are due the next business day after the sale date. Payments for vehicles must be made by Bank wire or cashier check only. Total payment will include the sale price of the vehicle plus applicable auction fees and transaction fee.

Transaction Fee

Our company charges 200 $ transaction fee per vehicle purchased using our service plus 25$ document mail fee, 20 $ International incoming wire fee. (USA banks deduct 20 $ every incoming wire from overseas)

Step 4 Shipping

We arrange your vehicle pick up from designated auction facility and schedule shipping with same day your payment is received. Titles, bill of sales, and loading dock receipt copies will be emailed to cargo receiver. Please use calculator for estimated car cost in Dubai or other destination port.


Time Now

Online support from us available during working ours only. Please check your local country time or time difference in United states.

New Jersey Savannah Chicago Los Angeles Dubai Ashgabat

Auction Fees

Auction fees apply on every purchased vehicle. Additional fees by price range are below:

Car PriceFees
$0.01- $49.99 $25.00
$50.00 - $99.99 $35.00
$100.00-$199.99 $55.00
$200.00-$299.99 $75.00
$300.00-$399.99 $95.00
$400.00-$499.99 $110.00
$500.00-$599.99 $125.00
$600.00-$699.99 $140.00
$700.00-$799.99 $155.00
$800.00-$899.99 $170.00
$900.00-$999.99 $185.00
$1,000.00-$1,199.99 $200.00
$1,200.00-$1,399.99 $225.00
$1,400.00-$1,599.99 $250.00
$1,600.00-$1,799.99 $275.00
$1,800.00-$1,999.99 $300.00
$2,000.00-$2,499.99 $325.00
$2,500.00-$2,999.99 $350.00
$3,000.00-$4,999.99 $400.00
$5,000.00-$7,499.99 $425.00
$7,500.00-$9,999.99 $450.00
$10,000.00-$14,999.99 $500.00
$15,000.00-$19,999.99 $550.00
$20,000.00-$24,999.99 $600.00
$25,000.00-$29,999.99 $650.00
$30,000.00-$34,999.99 $700.00
$35,500,00+ 2% of Sales Price
Homeowners Items 20% of Sales Price

All prices in US dollars.

Copart Internet BID fee
Copart offers bidding kiosks in the lobbies of all of its facilities. These kiosks can be used to place preliminary bids on vehicles located at that particular yard. If a winning bid was placed on a vehicle using a kiosk located at that yard, no internet fees are assessed against that vehicle. If the winning highest bid was placed over the internet, whether placed through Preliminary Bidding or through Virtual Bidding on VB2 – the following fees will apply: a fee of $0 for sale prices of $99.99 or less, a fee of $29.00 for sale prices from $100.00 up to $499.99, a fee of $39.00 for sale prices from $500.00 to $999.99, a fee of $49.00 for sale prices of $1,000.00 to $1,499.99, a fee of $59.00 for sale prices of $1,500.00 to $1,999.99, a fee of $69.00 for sale prices of $2,000.00 to $3,999.99, a fee of $79.00 for sale prices of $4,000.00 or higher.
Copart Aditional fees
If a vehicle and all applicable fees are not completely paid within 3 business days of purchase including the sale day, a fee of $50.00 per vehicles will be assessed. In addition, storage will begin to accrue on vehicles at the rate of $20.00 per day after 7 days, including sale day, if the highest bid was placed over the internet or after 3 days, including sale day, if the highest bid was place during preliminary biding using a kiosk at the yard.
Copart gate fee
A $30.00 Gate/Loading fee is assessed to all vehicles. This fee covers the movement of the vehicle from Copart’s sale/storage facilities to the buyer’s loading area. For buyers whom are picking up the vehicle up with vehicle transporters, this fee covers the time and manpower required to assist the driver in loading the vehicle onto the truck. Drivers are 100% responsible for securing their load at all times.
Cargo UAE bid transaction fee
Cargo UAE charges $200 USD per each purchased vehicle from USA autoauctions

Customers as a registered buyer can:

  • Immediate access to Copart auto auctions
  • Track virtual sales
  • Vehicle and shipment tracking
  • Use transportation and web service
  • Other buyer / member benefits

Useful to know

  1. Security Deposit
  2. Security Deposit

    The security deposit must be paid either using Pay Pal or by bank wire transfer or by your self at our locations before you receive member / buyer log in and passwords.

    The security deposit is a minimum of $400 or 10% of your maximum bid allowance. The security deposit of $400 enables you to bid up to $4,000. To be able to bid up to $10,000 you must have wire us $1,000 on deposit.

    This security deposit protects us if you fail to pay for the vehicle you win at auction, as we are responsible for ensuring payment for awarded vehicles. You loose your security deposit if you win a vehicle and do not pay for it within 7 calendar days of the sale date. The security deposit amount does not apply towards the payment for the awarded vehicles.

    The security deposit is 100% refundable. You may request the refund of your security deposit if choose close your account

  3. Transaction fee
  4. Transaction fee

    Payments for purchased (won at auction) vehicles are due the next business day after the sale date. Payments for vehicles must be made by Bank wire or cashier check only. Total payment will include the sale price of the vehicle plus applicable auction fees and transaction fee.

  5. USA loading facilities and ZIP codes
  6. USA loading facilities and ZIP codes

    We load containers from:

    • New Jersey NJ 07201
    • Savanna GA 31408
    • Chicago IL 60638
    • Los Angeles CA 90248
  7. Transit time
  8. Transit time

    Container transit time 25-45 days depending weather conditions, vehicle size, desired destination port and loading port from USA.

  9. Cargo insurance
  10. Cargo insurance

    Insurance is additional. 2.5 % of cargo value. If your car value is for 10000 $, so it will be 250 $ additional charge for cargo insurance before car get loaded. It does cover only total loss matter; do not cover any dents, scratches inside container. We are responsible for any serious damage to customer property, but not 100 % because every single vehicle required custom tie down and bracing inside container. Small scratches or paint wear chips may be present during passing the ocean. We do best job possible!

  11. Container shipping lines
  12. Container shipping lines

    • ZIM - a leading competitive global shipping and logistics company, setting high level standards in the industry. A company whose employees and partners identify themselves with its goals and values.
    • MSC - operates in excess of 255 container vessels with an intake capacity of 670,000 TEUs
    • EVERGREEN - one of the largest providers of container shipping in the world. Our service network spans the Globe, with over a one hundred and thirty vessels that meet our customers needs and expectations.
    • "K" LINE AMERICA, Inc. -the U.S. subsidiary of Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. ( "K" Line ) , a fully-integrated global transportation company. In North America, "K" Line offers multiple fixed-day sailings between the Pacific Northwest and Pacific Southwest and the Pacific Rim and two all water services between the US East Coast and the Far East via the Panama Canal, as well as three weekly fixed-day services between Europe/Mediterranean and the North American East Coast and Gulf.
    • MAERSK- Maersk Fleet comprises more than 250 vessels with a total deadweight of about 12,000,000 tons and includes container vessels, tankers, car carriers, supply ships, special vessels and drilling rigs.
    • - Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd. was born through the 1988 merger between Hanjin Container Lines (HJCL) and the most reputable and longest standing shipping company in Korea, Korea Shipping Corporation (KSC), which was established in 1950.
    • YANG MING - A Transport Group with Excellence. "Yang Ming " is transliterated from its two Chinese characters." "Yang Ming" refers to the sun and lightness. "Yang" refers to the sun, whereas "Ming" is the combination of the sun and the moon and often denotes "brightness," "clarity" or "enlightenment."
    • - one of the worlds largest global multimodal transportation companies. Through the integration of all facets of marine shipping and logistics services, MOL provides a seamless transportation network that delivers goods to markets all over the world.
    • APL - provides customers around the world with container transportation services through a network combining high-quality intermodal operations with state-of-the-art information technology.

  13. Preliminary and Virtual biddings
  14. Preliminary and Virtual biddings

    Preliminary biding

    Preliminary bidding establishes the starting price for the internet-only virtual sale. Bidders who are outbid receive a notification and are provided the opportunity to re-bid. Preliminary bids is accepted 24 hours a day and until 1 hour before the virtual auction starts. The highest preliminary bid will compete against virtual bids during Virtual Bidding.

    Virtual biding

    Virtual bidding is the process of submitting live bids over the Internet during a auction Virtual Sale. Buyers submit bids electronically, in real time over the Internet, to compete with other virtual bidders

  15. UAE Custom Regulations
  16. UAE Custom Regulations


    • Passport copy (picture and personal details page)
    • UAE residence visa stamped page from passport
    • Original authorization letters to port /shipping line


    • All shipments subject to inspection.
    • All household goods dutiable, value determined by customs official.


    • New items
    • Plants and plant material require a Health Certificate
    • Medication and foodstuff (subject to special approval and inspection by Ministry of Health), must be packed separately Please note some medicines allowed in Western countries are prohibited in the UAE and are best avoided completely
    • All political and religious literature needs prior approval from the Ministry.
    • Flammable or corrosive items
    • Exposed film or other valuables, stamp or coin collections of high value


    • Alcoholic beverages are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. All shipping containers are scanned and Items appearing as bottles are screened. Please ensure absolutely no alcohol is included in the shipment. Fines and heavy duty are applied on shipments found to contain alcohol and the consignee is liable to potential deportation.
    • All items manufactured by Israeli blacklist and Israeli origin
    • Firearms, weapons and ammunition (even decorative items of this nature and toy guns are subject to confiscation)
    • All political and religious literature needs prior approval from the Ministry.
    • Erotic statues/figurines, idols, made of any metal/clay/glass, etc., defined offensive to Islamic teachings and principles
    • Narcotics and drugs (including seemingly innocent dried poppy flower arrangements) can lead to very severe legal action and even long prison terms. (Prescribed drugs allowed in reasonable quantities, but subject to analysis).
    • Articles dealing with endangered animals and any items made out of ivory
    • Wireless transmitters and communications equipment
    • False and counterfeit money
    • Pornographic, political and religious material which might be deemed offensive to the United Arab Emirates government or the Islamic faith.
    • Pork meat
    • Prohibited articles detained by the Customs authorities may be destroyed without consignee's consent


    • Can only be registered with a valid United Arab Emirates Residence Visa
    • Only one car is allowed per adult person. A family Importing two cars must have each vehicle registered under a different family member. Customs will not allow two cars in the same container so each car must be shipped in a separate container. Documents need to be consigned in each name, and each must have a valid Residence Visa for the U.A.E Import of vehicles is tracked by customs and one is only allowed to import a car once.
    • Each customer is allowed one car and one motorbike. Same rules apply for motorcycles as for cars and the documentation required is also the same (see below, very important requirements)
    • Cars with tinted glass are not allowed to be imported. The owner will be fined and asked to have all tinted windows replaced.
    • Exposed film or other valuables, stamp or coin collections of high value

    Duty is applicable on all used motor vehicles at 5% of the customs assessed value.

    Documents Required:

    • Registration documents from origin / Certificate of Origin (Title or Deed) or Copy of Purchase Invoice or proof of ownership.
    • One of these documents must show: chassis number, engine number, make, model, year and color
    • Copy of Passport (picture and personal details page(s))
    • UAE Residence Permit/Visa
    • Estimate of depreciated value of the car at the time of import


    Dogs and cats import permitted with the following documentation:

    • U.A.E. Import Certificate to enter the country
    • Valid rabies vaccine record showing:
      • valid rabies vaccine given within one year
      • If only one vaccine has been given this should be done more than 30 days prior to arrival
      • As first rabies vaccines are given at 3 months of age, animals must be a least 4 months old when traveling to the U.A.E.
    • Microchip identification
    • Cargo entry (excess or accompanied baggage not allowed)
    • Health certificate issued by the exporting country within 10 days of travel
    • Breeds barred entry to the UAE include: Pit Bull (Includes American Pit Bull Terrier), American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the American Bulldog and crosses between them, Neapolitan Mastiff, Tosa, Akita, Dogo Argentino, Fila Braziliero, crosses of all above mentioned breeds.

      NOTE: Animals leaving without proper paperwork are confiscated and kept at the airport or other secure facility until paperwork is obtained. This is at the owner's expense.

      CARGO UAE web can not take responsibility for the contents of this page. As UAE customs regulations may vary from time to time.

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