How it works?

Step 1 Register

Please register for a membership. Pay refundable security deposit. Member / buyer credentials will be sent to your email address. Now you are ready to login and place a bid on vehicle of your choice.

Step 2 Search and Bid

Login and start search automobile inventory using member / buyer logins and passwords. Select your vehicle and start bidding. You can choose to bid during the preliminary bidding time, the virtual live bidding auction, or both. The highest bid wins.

Step 3 Pay for it

Payments for purchased (won at auction) vehicles are due the next business day after the sale date. Payments for vehicles must be made by Bank wire or cashier check only. Total payment will include the sale price of the vehicle plus applicable auction fees and transaction fee.

Transaction Fee

Our company charges 200 $ transaction fee per vehicle purchased using our service plus 25$ document mail fee, 20 $ International incoming wire fee. (USA banks deduct 20 $ every incoming wire from overseas)

Step 4 Shipping

We arrange your vehicle pick up from designated auction facility and schedule shipping with same day your payment is received. Titles, bill of sales, and loading dock receipt copies will be emailed to cargo receiver. Please use calculator for estimated car cost in Dubai or other destination port.

Buyer/Member Terms and Conditions web / Mateja .Inc

Registering with cargo-uae web site / Mateja Inc you agree accepts these terms and conditions. Please read carefully before registering. If you do not accept these conditions please do not register.

Cargo-uae web / Mateja Inc licensed USA Company who does partnership with bonded Illinois auto dealers and brokers. By registering to cargo-uae website you will be able to place and submit bid at Copart auto auction offered vehicle inventory.

By registering with web site you can place a bid online and purchase vehicles. Please note you buy vehicles not from Copart auto auction.

Eligibility for account - membership to the website is open to individuals 18 years of age and older who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law, without limiting the foregoing. Cargo-uae /Mateja Inc reserves the right to deny membership

Prospect buyers/members must complete the buyer registration form. Registration is free. members must have at all time a minimum of $400.00 USD on deposit to be able to place a bid. The $400.00 USD Security Deposit must be paid in full before you receive your login information and cannot be used as part of the payment of an awarded vehicle. This Security Deposit protects us if the buyer fails to pay as we are responsible for ensuring payment to auction.

If a buyer / member wishes to bid an amount higher than $4,000.00 USD, the buyer must increase the Security Deposit $100.00 USD for each additional $1,000.00 USD of desired bid which must be paid before being able to submit the bid.

If buyer fails to pay any invoice and the debt becomes uncollectible, cargo-uae / Mateja Inc will use the security deposit to satisfy the debt.

Account security

Buyer / member are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the username and password, and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under their login, password, or on their account including,

Buyer / member account may not be transferred or assigned to any person or entity. If login and password are used without authorization, Buyer shall be responsible for all account activity and charges.

Buyer / member account cancellation

The Buyer agrees that cargo-uae / Mateja Inc reserves the right to suspend or revoke the member access for any reason. Accounts not covered by security deposit for more than five (5) business days will be canceled.


All fees are quoted in U.S Dollars

Transaction fee

The buyers agree to pay cargo-uae / Mateja Inc $200.00 as a transaction fee for each vehicle purchased using our service.

Registered mail fee

The buyers agree to pay cargo-uae / Mateja Inc $ 25 as documentation (vehicle Title from auction) mail fee.

Incoming international wire transfer fee

The buyers agree to pay cargo-uae / Mateja Inc 20 $ International incoming wire fee. (USA banks deduct 20 $ every incoming wire from overseas)

20 $ fee not applied if payment for vehicle paid locally or money for it transferred from USA bank

Auto auction range fees by sale price

Car PriceFees
$0.01- $49.99 $25.00
$50.00 - $99.99 $35.00
$100.00-$199.99 $55.00
$200.00-$299.99 $75.00
$300.00-$399.99 $95.00
$400.00-$499.99 $110.00
$500.00-$599.99 $125.00
$600.00-$699.99 $140.00
$700.00-$799.99 $155.00
$800.00-$899.99 $170.00
$900.00-$999.99 $185.00
$1,000.00-$1,199.99 $200.00
$1,200.00-$1,399.99 $225.00
$1,400.00-$1,599.99 $250.00
$1,600.00-$1,799.99 $275.00
$1,800.00-$1,999.99 $300.00
$2,000.00-$2,499.99 $325.00
$2,500.00-$2,999.99 $350.00
$3,000.00-$4,999.99 $400.00
$5,000.00-$7,499.99 $425.00
$7,500.00-$9,999.99 $450.00
$10,000.00-$14,999.99 $500.00
$15,000.00-$19,999.99 $550.00
$20,000.00-$24,999.99 $600.00
$25,000.00-$29,999.99 $650.00
$30,000.00-$34,999.99 $700.00
$35,500,00+ 2% of Sales Price
Homeowners Items 20% of Sales Price

Internet Bid Fees

A $30.00 Gate/Loading fee is assessed to all vehicles. This fee covers the movement of the vehicle from Copart’s sale/storage facilities to the buyer’s loading area.

Copart offers bidding kiosks in the lobbies of all of its facilities. These kiosks can be used to place preliminary bids on vehicles located at that particular yard. If a winning bid was placed on a vehicle using a kiosk located at that yard, no internet fees are assessed against that vehicle. If the winning highest bid was placed over the internet, whether placed through Preliminary Bidding or through Virtual Bidding on VB2 – the following fees will apply: a fee of $0 for sale prices of $99.99 or less, a fee of $29.00 for sale prices from $100.00 up to $499.99, a fee of $39.00 for sale prices from $500.00 to $999.99, a fee of $49.00 for sale prices of $1,000.00 to $1,499.99, a fee of $59.00 for sale prices of $1,500.00 to $1,999.99, a fee of $69.00 for sale prices of $2,000.00 to $3,999.99, a fee of $79.00 for sale prices of $4,000.00 or higher.

Payments for vehicles

Payments for vehicles purchased through cargo-uae / Mateja Inc provided accounts are due within 2 working days (not including auction day, i.e., if auction is on Monday, payments is due by 5.00pm EST on Wednesday). Payment for vehicles must be Wire transferred by bank. Bank details are listed on invoice.

Late payment fee and storage fees

In the event the payment of a vehicle is not received within the allotted time, a late payment fee of 50.00 USD will apply to that vehicle. If a vehicle and all applicable fees are not completely paid within 3 business days of purchase including the sale day, a fee of $50.00 per vehicles will be assessed. In addition, storage will begin to accrue on vehicles at the rate of $20.00 per day after 7 days, including sale day, if the high bid was placed over the internet or after 3 days, including sale day, if the high bid was place during preliminary biding using a kiosk at the yard.

Vehicle relist fees

If the vehicle payment is not received within seven (7) calendar days of the sale date, the Buyer agrees to pay cargo-uae / Mateja Inc the relist fee of $400 or 10% of the sale price, whichever is greater. This fee will be taken from the Security Deposit paid in advance. The Buyer is also responsible for any and all collection costs, including attorney fees and court costs. Buyers who fail two (2) times to fulfill their obligations are subject to revocation of they membership.

On Approval Vehicles

Vehicles sold 'On-Approval' will not be released to Buyers unless and until the seller notifies Copart and cargo-uae / Mateja Inc of its acceptance of the high bid. In some instances it may take up to two working, including the day of the sale, for the seller to provide notification of high bid acceptance. However, the majority of 'On-Approval' vehicles receive bid acceptance or rejection within one day.

Vehicle Titles

All titles will be mailed to cargo-uae / Mateja Inc office first, and then will reassign the ownership to the buyer / member.


Vehicles sold AS IS and are not represented as being in a road worthy condition, mechanically sound, or maintained at any guaranteed level of quality and may require repairs at the Buyer’s expense. Buyer takes full responsibility and assumes all risk of loss for all vehicles purchased true cargo-uae / Mateja Inc and also is not responsible for defects, errors, or omissions (i) related to motor vehicle department or department of revenue paperwork not processed by cargo-uae / Mateja Inc or (ii) made by DMV/MVD/DOR.

Your use of the service we are providing is at your sole risk. The service is provided on ‘as is’ basis. Cargo-uae website / Mateja Inc disclaims all warranties and any kind of loss, including your computer damage obtained during installing new programs or downloads offered on cargo-uae website. If you do not agree with any of these terms, please do not use this site. If you have any questions about these terms, please contact us. (c) 2014
All rights reserved.
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